Organization in a house is key. When it comes to my home, I absolutely love the look of an open concept pantry and that is what I have done with my new home renovation. One thing about having an open concept anything means that it has to be organized and clean at all times – especially in my house. My kids always say that there is clean and then there is Kim clean.

While designing my layout for my kitchen I started looking at all the options that are out there for pantry organization and it seemed like the supply was endless. In the end it is really up to you and how you want your pantry to look. There are so many amazing options if you have no budget and even more options if you have one.

Some great options that I found if you are on a budget were from Amazon and IKEA. These finds included multiple sizes of mason jars, Oxo Good Grip Pop Containers, white organization bins, rotating spice holders, and mesh storage baskets. Another great option where I found some unique items was Home Sense. Some websites I found that also had great options if you do not have a budget were Magnolia Home, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware.

Perks to having/using pantry organization is (1) you will never search for something in your pantry again, everything will be so easy to find which should help with cutting some time off your cooking! I know we all have pretty busy lives so this can definitely be a big bonus for a lot us. (2) Some of the enclosed storage containers you can use for your baking items, spices, pasta, crackers etc. will help in keeping everything sealed and fresh for longer. (3) If you don’t have a big pantry space and you need to consolidate some of your space you can use a rotating stand for your spices instead of a shelve. These are also extremely handy to hold olive oils, hot sauces or any other items you choose to place on them. (4) The baskets for your apples, potatoes, pears, onions and anything else you would like to keep in them is a great way to store these items in the proper temperature as well as reducing the plastic waste they’re usually held in.

I use a lot of these items in my own pantry and since transforming it my kitchen life has become so much easier! I enjoy cooking/baking more which everyone loves. As well it is definitely up to the Kim clean standard!

Kim Ennis

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